Private investigator Jason Schwartzman for Band Of Outsiders

Opening Ceremony's grand opening was in full effect Saturday. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson, Kristen Dust, and Jason Scheartzman were all there celebrating in Tokyo. Wishing we could have been there.

<3 May. has predicted a list of lovely young ladies sitting front row in fashion week. Some of our favorite bloggers made the list. Style Rookie, Fashiontoast and Sea of Shoes are some of the lucky bloggers. Click on the link to check it out.

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There is nothing like a hot guy campaign. Marlon Teixeira Sergio K F/W 09

American Apperal is selling fabric scraps. You might be asking yourself WHAT? They're incurring customers to buy the scraps and make "one of a kind bags with the fabrics and all sorts of arts and crafts".Each bag comes with a zine with 5 fun and easy ideas for scraps projects. And to be honest I kinda of like the idea. It's very creative and honestly how many times have you sat in your home trying to make something out of nothing. Kudos AA! Bag-O-Scraps

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Jammin out in style. Dim Mak's new headphones for WeSC
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pc. nylon

Purple F/W 09
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Model Raquel Zimmerman channels Blondie in the September '09 issue for Vogue Paris.
I know Stella will enjoy this editorial.

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Current Obsessions

About a month ago I found this Blondie record while on one of my regular shopping adventures and fell in love with her look on the back of the record. Soon came my obsession with the black and white oxfords. Much to my excitement I found a pair from Target but then my heart was broken in two when they were no longer available. I'm a really picky person and I won't buy something till I find the perfect pair. So my search for the perfect oxfords continues. If any of you find out were I can get a pair PLEASE send me the link!

LitterSF Gold Tassel Ear Cuff, $110, available at LitterSF; Urban Outfitters Feather Ear Cuffs, $18, available at Urban Outfitters.

Me with my duster earrings from NastyGal

I've never been obsessed with earrings before I consider myself more of a ring person. But recently I've opened up to the idea when I stumbled upon a pair while online shopping. Soon after I think I've become an earring person. Which leads me to my new obsession cuff earrings from LitterSF and Urban Outfitters. I need to get my hands on a pair.
<3 Stella

Grand Opening

Opening Ceremony in Tokyo is set to open on August 30,2009 and it going to be a GRAND opening. The 8 level department store will have the concept of a "mini mall"where there will be designated brand shops within the store, as well as each level will have it own unique theme. Some of our favorite brands will be available for sale such as Alexander Wang, Other Music, Nom de Guerre, Boy/Band of Outsiders, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, Pendleton, Heath Ceramics and The Row. I already had a fascination with visiting Tokyo now Open Ceremony has added to that fascination. They had me at 8 levels.

Fashion Recession

The truth is a lot of us today could never afford designer items like Prada and Dior. This editorial from W magazine shows the closest thing to the line we could ever own ... there shopping bag. Although that mini Prada bag dress sure is cute.

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A time soo free

W Magazine takes us back to a time so care free. With the 40th anniverary of Woodstock this August this editorial makes me wish I was alive to witness the greatness of Summer of '69.
But to be honest I don't think I would have been lying on the floor with a snake.
Shout out to my favorite 2009 hippie Jess.
<3 MAY
About a week ago I posted a picture of a beautiful mani that looked like the nail color was fading. Which inspired me to recreate the same look. Above you can see the outcome.
<3 Stella