This week we have some really awesome Vintage finds up for grabs. These are only a few of them so check out the store and put your bids in before it's to late.

We want to wish you all a Happy New Year with lots of love.
<3 May & Stella

Just want to wish everyone a very happy holiday. Hope you get what you wanted.

<3 stella
Because I can't seem to get enough of Abbey Lee. She's this months Muse as well as our Muse of the moment. She makes the gap look beautiful.


I'm loving this Leica M3 Gold Digital Camera it would be complete paired with a gold chain attached. for some reason it reminds me of that scene in clueless when cher is taking everyones pictures by the fountain.

Funny Face

Everyone knows that my icon is Audrey Hepburn and yesterday kerry Taylor Auctions had a auction of Audrey's personal items. Most of these pieces are vintage Givenchy and I would seriously love to own any single piece, each item is perfect in my eye. To bad I dont have thousands of euros in my piggy bank.

<3 Stella


Vintage working girl dress with vintage belt, Shoes from Zara

In reality I mostly only wear vintage and this has become my new favorite dress its so effortless and the color is something am still getting use to. Color doesn't really dominate my closet but i'm trying to bring it into my life.

<3 Stella