Current Obsessions

About a month ago I found this Blondie record while on one of my regular shopping adventures and fell in love with her look on the back of the record. Soon came my obsession with the black and white oxfords. Much to my excitement I found a pair from Target but then my heart was broken in two when they were no longer available. I'm a really picky person and I won't buy something till I find the perfect pair. So my search for the perfect oxfords continues. If any of you find out were I can get a pair PLEASE send me the link!

LitterSF Gold Tassel Ear Cuff, $110, available at LitterSF; Urban Outfitters Feather Ear Cuffs, $18, available at Urban Outfitters.

Me with my duster earrings from NastyGal

I've never been obsessed with earrings before I consider myself more of a ring person. But recently I've opened up to the idea when I stumbled upon a pair while online shopping. Soon after I think I've become an earring person. Which leads me to my new obsession cuff earrings from LitterSF and Urban Outfitters. I need to get my hands on a pair.
<3 Stella

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