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makes me wanna cuddle

Antonie Peters

Alice in Wonderland

sneek peek. enjoy.

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... i feel bad ass
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hot hot hot
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skate much?

Supermodel Skateboard Project

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Marc Jacobs Fall 09 Ads.

yes. yes. yes.
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Nail It

I've never really thought of nails as being a fashion accessory, but lately I've notice how much more focused people are into nails, especially myself. I truly think it all started when everyone started to wear black nail polish. Now it has evolved into so many different colors and nail art. I saw this picture from Sophy Robson's blog and fell deeply in love. I will soon try my best to replicate this.

<3 Stella

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap ( Fomer Frou Frou front women) is releasing a new album on August 25. Super excited!

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Olsen + Wang

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are one of the 31 new desingers to join the CFDA for Elizabeth and James & The Row. Also joining in on the membership is our favorite Alexander Wang . Annual new members reception to be held at Four Seasons Restaurant.
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Pink Kiss

On the search for the perfect pink lipstick. Any suggestion? I don't know the color just screams summer.

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<3 Photography

If your in New York July 16-August 17 be sure to check out the VICE MAGAZINE PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION. The Exhibition features works from our favorite photographer Terry Richardson. RSVP at


Since as long as I can remember I've always wanted a pair of laced up boots that any witch would be proud of. This weekend I was watching vintage SJP in Hocus Pocus and the urge for the boots once aging filled my mind, And these come really close to being perfect. 

I really Love this pair of cream boots They look perfect. If only the heel was more than just 2.5" I really would prefer a bigger heel. 

Now this is what i think I should really get. Since living in tropical weather we really don't need to wear boot, but am addicted to boots I love them, and these would go great for the weather. 
You can get these lovely boots at UrbanOutfitters
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Hello Lovelies <3

I'm Thunder Moon and you're going to LOVE ME!!! <3 

The Wait

Am very excited that project runway is going to start soon. Now all I have to do is wait for August 20th and this year there going to have a new show call Models of the Runway. I can't wait to see who's going to be my favorite designer and who's going to be the bitch of them all. 

<3 stella

Rope them in.

Seems that We here at LessThanThree and Refinery 29 are in the same wave length.
We absolutely love some of rope belts that we have for this summer, There fun and flirty and give any outfit the perfect summer look.

We have a few more belts other than the rainbow and white rope ones.
if interested please email us at

<3 Stella

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Vintage Sheer Navy & Silver Bow Tie Blouse

Vintage Red Nautical Shorts

Vintage Navy Wrap

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